Frequently Asked Questions

Do you come to my home for consulting?
Yes, depending upon where you live – this first consultation is free.

Do you have to visit on site or can we work remotely?
For most projects I do not need to come to your home. I have several clients who are working remotely.

What are your prices?
Because this is all custom work, I do not have a price list. Here is an idea of pricing: Pillow Shams, $40 and up; 
Bed skirts (lined), $200-up ;  Coverlets, $200-up

Do you make drapery?
I do not. I refer those out to a specialist. I do make simple, unlined curtains.

Do you require that I work through a Decorator/ Interior Designer?
I really enjoy working with Interior Designers, especially those who give me concise diagrams. About half of my clients
do not work through a decorator. If you decide to work directly with me, please be very clear about your designs.

Do you carry or sell fabric or pillow forms?
I do not. You need to select and purchase the fabric. (On occasion I can supply pillow forms.) I can give you
parameters of an appropriate fabric for the design.

What is the process of working with you?
• We discuss the details of what you want made.
• I  take measurements or you send them to me, along with any other sketches, etc. that give details of the project.
• I email you an estimate of fabric needed and labor costs. I include all the details that we discussed.
• You send me a 25% deposit when you decide you want to move ahead (with the balance to be paid upon completion of the project).
• You order the fabric needed and have it sent to me directly.
• I will notify you when I receive the fabric, go over the project again and give you a timeline of when I expect to complete it.
• I make your item(s) and deliver or mail the finished product to you.

Have a question that is not covered here? Send me a message and I can provide more information.

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